The Platform Design Toolkit Workshop

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Platforms are transforming every market, but how do they do? We’ll learn the truth about the way the most successful firms in the world shape new and existing markets and achieve incredible results by using platforms to motivate entities from the ecosystem around them to join a shared market opportunity, while improving their performance. All this with an Open Source set of tools available for you.
*The price includes lunch and a Spanish Co-Host that will help solve possible communication issues.


Platforms are transforming markets and dominate the business of the 21st century: from historical giants like Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook or Salesforce to new entrants like Uber and Airbnb that, in a few years, transformed their reference markets. Platforms generate more revenue with fewer employees, evolve more easily and have more loyal users. So, everyone wants to build platforms today: connect users and companies in peer-to-peer is the way to higher growth and outstanding results . Building a platform today means getting more done with less investment by exploiting the capacity of the community and the ecosystem to create value for the brand. 

Today everyone can use this new approach thanks to a set of simple Design tools we’re going to present and use during the course. A one-day workshop which combines theory, practice and interaction where attendees will learn the basics of Platform Design and know how to use the basic canvases of the Platform Design Toolkit together with other Design tools. Attendees will understand how to identify the key players and the basic transactions in your marketplace and how to create the right channels to monetize. Attendees will also explore how to design services that support users in generating more value, accumulate more reputation and improve their skills. 

Note that  participants will be able to focus the course exercise on their real strategic challenges: a strategic session and a learning masterclass all in one.

The course will be in English with a Spanish Co-Host that will help solve possible communication issues.



  1. Understanding your Ecosystem The first phase of the workshop will help participants to better understand the value chain of your reference market and who needs to play a role in your ecosystem. Using the canvases and other additional tools you’ll be able to map all the available actors in the ecosystem and the relations that exist among them as well as the motivations in exchanging value through the platform: participants will learn how to motivate everyone to join and participate, relying on clear and enforceable incentives.
  2.  Create a model of the Platform We will create a snapshot of how your platform will provide services enabling the ecosystem participants to exchange value and improve performances. We will envision channels to help value be exchanged and platform provided services that can help consumer get a perfect experience and producer make the best of the platform and improve their performances on it. 



  • 10:00am - 2:00pm: Workshop  
  • 2:00pm - 3:00pm: Lunch
  • 3:00pm - 6:30pm: Workshop



  • 20% · Promotional code: FXZP20


At the end of the workshop the participant will be be able to: 

  1. Identify the entities and the main role in the ecosystem around a market opportunity or existing service that needs to be rethinked 
  2. Design channels to monetize transactions and help the community-ecosystem to produce and exchange value inside the newly designed platform 
  3. Create services that support the relationships and transactions in the ecosystem and improve platform performance in giving opportunities to participants 
  4. Use a practical and open tool (in Creative Commons) that can be used dozens of times in everyone’s professional activities 


The workshop is designed for: 

  1. Managers and Founders looking to generate innovation in big or small corporates and startups, who need to create new products 
  2. Creatives, Designers and Consultants who want to use a simple and effective set of design tools to design solutions for the present times 
  3. Community managers of digital platforms or collaborative spaces such as incubators, makerspaces, coworking spaces or networks. 
  4. Social entrepreneurs and public officials who want to understand how to increase the social impact of collaborative services with less investments.  
Simone Cicero is a strategic advisor and creator or Platform Design Toolkit Connector of OuiShare, the global think/do thank for the collaborative economy, and Contributor of Cocoon Projects, the company that is reinventing innovation acceleration in lean, openness and co-creation and liquid un-management practices.
Read up well the course file. Search and get informed about the matter and the agenda set out to make the most out of it. During the course do not be timid and participate and ask question in each block of the class. Remember you have an expert at your disposal. Choose the context you want ot use at the Workshop: your company, your secret project, your startup?
When you finish the class, all the material used (presentation and bonus material) will be at your disposal in your account Foxize School, under 'My classroom courses'. We will send an email to your mailbox to alert you that you already have available.


Born in 2013, the Platform Design Toolkit has already been adopted worldwide by successful startup, corporates and non profit organizations. European and American business schools used PDT in courses. Countless designers and entrepreneurs from around the world have used it to shape their projects and ventures. 



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Harvard Business Review, (2014). What Airbnb, Uber, and Alibaba Have in Common.



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